Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KCWC 2011

It's Kids Clothes Week Challenge! I've been making quite a bit of that in the last few days/ weeks, here's a few pictures of the few I've finished already.

A patchwork merino top for Tahi:

Some comfy stretch cotton pants:

And some more stylish woolen pants:


  1. Hi, what pattern did you use to make the woollen pants - they are super cool! Do they have a fly or are they pull on? I'd love to make some for my little boy.

  2. Just love them all - especially the last pair of pants!!

  3. You go! Where are you finding the time? These look great!

  4. The pants are pull on. I will try to post a tutorial later on this week.

  5. I would love a tutorial, those wool pants are awesome!