Monday, May 16, 2011

KCWC 2011, the unfinished projects

I started making a puffer vest for Tahi, seeing it's winter and all and he's already got his first cold of the year. I made one a couple of winters ago which turned out super handy since he doesn't like to wear big jackets and get hot as soon as he runs around. I used some second hand sleeping bags (there's so many at the op shop). They're not the easiest thing to sew, as they are quite bulky and slippery, but the result is worth it for me.
The hard part is finding second hand open zips, so I've got to go to the local sewing shop to get one for this vest.

Second project was a pair of pants with a sewn on waist from an adult's pair of pants... Almost finished apart from the seams at the bottom. I'll post a tutorial later today or tomorrow.

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