Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My creative space

I've been lazy about sewing lately, or rather, I have been more interested in reading. I started reading "Monkey grip" by Helen Garner, and I can't put it down. I love reading a good book, and I'm always too impatient to know what happens next.
I did make a softie a couple of weeks ago. I was trying out a pattern for a giraffe softie for Sharon at Pepper stitches. I never get round to making softies, so it was nice to try out something different from clothes making. The giraffe came out great, it was my first time using teddy bear joints and I struggled to find some here (small town!) so I ended up buying some online. When they turned up they wren't the best fit but I managed to get by. The giraffe was an immediate success with Tahi who took it to playcentre that day, then kept taking it with him everywhere he went.

If you're into softie making check out Sharon's shop. My favorite are the antler boy and girl!

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