Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring top sew along

I'd completely forgotten about this little "contest" until I clicked on the link I had put on the right and realized the cut off was today. That was two days ago.

I wasn't sure what I would make, if anything, and then Friday I found this very cool flowery retro sheet at the op shop and got inspired... It looks like I'd pictured it (for once!) and is very comfortable. I loosely used a tee shirt I have to draw the pattern, and then tweaked it. I'm a lover of easy breastfeeding access tops, kind of essential at the moment! Too bad we're in autumn heading towards winter, maybe I'll make a long sleeve version too.

Anyway, wish me luck, and check out what other crafty bloggers have submitted here.


  1. Would love a copy of your pattern if you're keen to share???

  2. really, adorable! Love it. I need one of those....

  3. I could be keen to share, will have to have a go at putting my pattern on the computer... If anyone's got any tips!