Tuesday, March 1, 2011

mini art journal challenge: weeks 46 and 47

Week 46: "rejuvenation". I feel like I definitely need some of that! Traveling is a great way to relax and see things from a different angle for me, and since Tahi was born I feel we haven't done that enough. apart from the occasional trip to Wellington for Josh's work, we haven't been out of Gisborne much. We spent two days and one night up the coast at some friend's farm, and we all loved it. So I'll be looking forward to some more of that!

Week 47: "Your happy place". I kind of already journaled about that on week 40's card, so I deviated from the theme a bit and the "happy place" idea became my "place to escape". Even though there is no physical place, books have always been a great escape for me. I love reading a good book and feeling like I am there, part of the story and living it. I used to lock myself in the toilet for hours when I was younger, and every now and again I tend to linger in there with a book or magazine in hand. Tahi seems to show the same interest in books, and both Josh and I are glad he does. He can remember phrases from a book after having read it a couple of times, and often I can hear him repeat whole phrases while playing with his toys. It's so cute!

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