Thursday, March 3, 2011

A book on books

I've been wanting to learn how to make books for ages, but like many of my "wants", never get round to it. I saw a book at the library the other day that reminded me of this interest of mine, so next time I went in I got a few out. I really liked one of them in particular, aptly titles "How to make books" (that's pretty straight to the point isn't it?). It looks cool (yes, it is important!), has funky illustrations and simple explanations with step by step instructions. It also has photos of some artists' books (great for inspiration). There are several techniques explained, ranging from super simple to more elaborate.

I made my first "book" in 5 seconds with a page taken from a kids' book that has seen better days (or been too loved?). I'm excited with the result!

Now I can't wait to have some spare time (spare what???) to try other techniques.

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