Friday, March 4, 2011

Board shorts

I saw some very cool board shorts a mum had made for her son on the Celebrate the boy Flickr group, and I thought they'd look perfect on Tahi (him being a beach boy and all). I do have a decent collection of men's shirts in my stash of fabrics, and it didn't take ling to find one that would do the job. I love upcycled men's shirts, there are so many possibilities. The result is pretty satisfying, oh he looks so cute!

We went for a play to the beach the day Tahi wore his board shorts, so for once I got some really nice shots of my handmade stuff... should do that more often!

Tahi and his friend Mia spent a good half hour jumping from a log, it was so funny, I wish I was that small again and everything seems huge!

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