Friday, November 19, 2010

Wellington op shop finds

We are in Wellington for a few days, so of course we had to do a bit of op shopping. We went to one I hadn't been to before, the Salvation Army in Johnsonville and found some cool clothes! Tahi found two dinosaur singlet, so he was stoked and I found a pair of comfy pants, a Witchery woolen cardigan and a Max organic cotton cardigan. The quality of clothing is definitely a level up from Gisborne... Yay!
Max organic cotton cardigan, super nice and soft!
I played around this morning and modeled my new finds... funny!

 Being in summer mode in Gisborne, we came down with very little warm clothes and I didn't expect it to be so chilly, so it was lucky to find some nice cardis. Since this winter I've had a renewed interest in them, and I'm slowly accumulating some nice finds in my wardrobe. Speaking of which, it's "Embellish knits month" at Grosgrain, worth checking out!
Witchery woolen cardigan

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous finds! I visited my Red Cross shop in a Welly suburb this week and came away with three gorgeous pairs of tailored shorts for a total price of $9!!! Red Cross are really awesome at displaying their stock in colours beautifully and dress the windows high street stylish. I'm often driving past and craning my neck to see what's in the window! Enjoy your beautiful finds :)