Sunday, November 7, 2010

The day after

It's Monday and I'm glad last week's over. The Baby expo was a success, with people cueing at ten to 10 to get in, in typical Gisborne style. This is one thing that still surprises me here, when there is a bargain to be had, people come rushing. There will be cars circling around houses where garage sales are as early as 5.30 in the morning, no kidding!
The Gisborne Baby expo was giving out 500 bags of goodies, so people rushed to the doors so they didn't miss out!
Over the Rainy Clouds by Carambatack

This made for a very busy morning, things slowed down around lunchtime then got quieter in the afternoon. I had spent the week making some merino singlets and they were by far the best sellers. Josh is back this week end with our camera, so I will be able to post some photos soon and update my shop at the same time. I hadn't finished putting labels on though, and left it to the last minute, thinking I could do it while setting up and not expecting people to turn up so early. Big mistake! I was still putting labels on at 10.30 with people checking out the stall and a friend helping me put the singlets up on the racks... not a good look! Good lesson to lear for next time.
Tahi spent the day with my good friend and her daughter, which I am so grateful for and without which my day would have been much much harder. He was happy and chirpy when I picked him up.
That night I couldn't wait to get to bed! The next day I woke up and spent the day in a daze, just pottering around the house (and made marmalade jelly). It felt a bit like a hangover, without the bad headaches. So this week I am taking it slow and getting some rest!

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  1. We had a good day too, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I felt the same, shattered and pleased to get to bed early. Tessa looks cute in the sweet merino owl singlet we got from your stand :)