Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blue is for boys, pink is for girls

I had this interesting discussion yesterday with my midwife yesterday, about why pink and blue are the "designated" colors for respectively girls and boys. According to a friend, pink used to be the color for boys in the 19th century! My midwife has this book filled with little facts about birth, babies, etc... You wouldn't believe the meaning of these colors. I was a bit shocked at the misogyny behind it! So a few centuries back, the colors chosen for babies to wear were supposed to protect them. So because boys were considered superior they chose blue which represents protection from heaven. It didn't say what pink stood for though. I've never been a big fan of color coding babies and toddler, now I am even less!
Peapod cocoon by May22

Now that I am in the third trimester of my pregnancy (all going well so far!), I've also started doing a bit of reading, to refresh my memory and get ready for the birth. Have you ever wondered why women are expected to give birth lying on their backs? If you have had a birth experience and had freedom to move around and choose a comfortable position while in labour, you'll know that it is probably the most uncomfortable position to be in! Well it turns out a 17th century french doctor, Francois Mauriceau,  is credited for coming up with that idea. Because of course he knew what it feels like to be in labour pain... As read on "Vaulted Treasures":
He advocates a reclining position in bed rather than sitting on a birthing stool or chair for delivery. This “French Position” permitted the obstetrician to more easily examine the patient and perform procedures. Its use quickly spread in Europe and North America.
Why a man should dictate what is best for women is beyond me. I am not an extreme feminist, but I do believe in the power of instinct, and when it comes to a woman's business, who should be better placed than the woman herself to know what feels best? 

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  1. I believe that in France blue is the colour for baby girls. Hooray for green!