Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tahi's Bday present

I almost forgot to mention the (awesome of course) cap I made Tahi for his birthday. Not that he doesn't already have some, but he's been so fussy lately about what he wants to wear that nearly all 3 hats are in the "not cool" category. I had a 50/50 chance of his liking this one of course... So I made sure it was his favorite color of the moment (yellow) and we also had a look at two different hat designs so he could choose the one he liked. He had a choice between a boy's sunhat hat and an engineer cat. Guess which one he chose? The engineer one!

Both tutorials are pretty straight forward. With the engineer one there was even a pattern to download. I usually don't bother, mainly because it means I have to print something on paper, but this time I did, hats are quite tricky (for me anyway, my first and only attempt ended up in the scraps bin).

I used a tea towel found on Trademe that just happened to be the right color, as well as a cool design (even a throwback to Tahi's chinese descent, flash flash). The only thing I regret not using was some interfacing for the visor part. I used a scrap of coffee beans jute bag instead, thinking it would do the job. Don't try it, as soon as it's wet it takes the shape of whatever position you put it in, hence I will now have to iron it to try and make it straight again.

Otherwise it looks pretty cool in my opinion. Birthday boy was happy, put it on straight away and deemed it good enough to be a dancing hat. Yipee!

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  1. these are stunning!!! felt yet?? Its so hard to find handmade boys cap's. I love it! x