Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Christmas market in photos

Wow, it's actually happened. The days preceding the market were quite frantic, the weather forecast was terrible and there were a lot of last minute calls from people wanting a stall. We had to make sure it would all roll smoothly on the day. Come Saturday, and I lay in bed at 5.30 listening to the rain falling on our roof. Couldn't have been worse. Well yes it could have, there could have been lightning and thunder.

The car had been packed the night before, we got the kids up and took off.
When we got to the park, it was still raining, if somewhat lightly, I didn't think anyone else would turn up! The look of relief that must have been on my face when the first stall holder came to set up!
As it turns out, the rain stopped, most stall holders turned up (the ones that had gazebos mainly) and it ended up being a good morning for sales. We had lots of traffic from the Farmers' market and for a few hours it was very lively indeed. Unfortunately we had to cancel the old school merry-go-round, the grounds were too wet (and it does get boggy at the bottom of the park). It's a shame but hopefully next year we'll have more luck.
Yes, you read well, we're hoping to organize one next year. Josh has got big plans, and this time we've got a year to get ready!

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