Monday, December 5, 2011

On saturday

Tahi was overexcited (as any 4 year old would be at the prospect of a party held for their birthday). The dog was too.

"I wanted to make the kids laugh"... tahi's comment on the photo

Cooling off in the bathtub
Hot dogs and trampolines
barbie mate 

Musical chairs

Josh outdid himself making an awesome cake (and I am officially off cake-making duty).

The cake: a replica of Brian May's guitar (guitarist of Queen of course!)
The kids had great fun playing musical chairs. Jade (a little 7 year old friend) lost her first tooth biting into a pita bread (homemade). The food was ace, everyone had a good feed. The weather was lovely and we all hung out on the deck and in the garden.

A great birthday party!

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