Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meanwhile in the garden

Bumblebee on spring onion

mandarins! Plenty of tiny green balls on the tree, can't wait!

Our second lime... how do you make mojito again?

Courgette flowers stuffed with homemade ricotta... it's been one of my favorite meals

Nasturtium capers ready to be bottled

we've got lots of little green tomatoes popping up everywhere

Sunflower, almost in flower

lettuce and more tomato plants

Corn (with spring onions in the background)

Courgettes, beans, rhubarb, sunflowers

Took the broad beans out, this empty patch is waiting for the next crop....

cape gooseberries

Dill flower

our first beans!

The newly dug out artichoke patch (with sunflowers, beans and rockmelons thrown in the mix)

Lemon verbena in flower. One of our favorite summer herbal teas

Purple dahlia

Our first raspberries!

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