Thursday, September 16, 2010

mini art journal challenge: week 24

This week's prompt: "remember when...".
I was stuck for a few days. All the memorable memories I can think of are ones I've already journaled... And then i tried to think back to before I started journaling, or maybe things I wouldn't have thought worth journaling at the time.
My brother and I used to travel a lot when we were kids. Our dad worked and lived in Hong Kong and he would take some time off to go on holiday with us. So we ended up jet setting around the world, going to big sky stations, staying in flash hotels and dinning out every day.This may sound pretty cool but when you're 10 you just want to be a normal kid who goes camping with their family somewhere you can get to by driving for a couple of days max.
At holiday time, we became UMs, or Unaccompanied Minors. We were experts at traveling by plane. We knew most major airlines, which ones were more comfortable, what goodies you could get, what the food was like. Most importantly, we stuck together. My brother and I were on our own, we only had each other and that drew us closer. We had some good laughs, an extensive repertory of private jokes and we hardly ever fought!
So this week's card is dedicated to my dear brother and our traveling adventures. I made a UM flight pouch (by memory), in which I will slip my card. We are in Wellington this week and the next and I think I forgot to pack my stash of cards... So phase two of this card will have to wait til I get back. This will involve a bit of writing, maybe some drawing on the card.

The pouch was made with some thick white paper, and colored in with an orange pencil. I used a piece of wool make the handle.

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