Monday, September 6, 2010

mini art journal challenge: week 23

This week's prompt: "Right now". It just happened that last sunday was father's day (in New Zealand anyway, I always get confused since various countries have various dates). So I thought I'd make my card based on this theme and honor Tahi's awesome dad and their close relationship. We moved to small city Gisborne partly because Josh wanted to have time to spend with his boy. And it had been great in this regard, for both of them. Tahi is so lucky to have a dad that can take him swimming, play with him and take him for a run on the beach. They read stories at night and recently Josh has even been able to put him to sleep (a big step for us!). Tahi loves his dad and when he goes he'll often say "Tahi wants his dad" (in french). It is so cute and always gives me a warm feeling inside when I see them together.

This card is very simple! I glued a photo taken about a year ago of Tahi and Josh kissing on the front porch at some friends' house (with my Mamiya, the film was then cross processed, giving it that etheral contrasted greenish look). I wanted to add more, but it felt like the picture worked on its own, so I just wrote "this magic moment" on a step at the bottom with a felt tip pen.

Here are some pictures of the finished hoodie and 3/4 pants I was making last week for a custom order. I think they're just too cute!


  1. Love your makings - and that photo is amazing!

  2. Gorgeous clothing! Really really cute. And such a beautiful photo -- definitely one to treasure. ~ Jen