Saturday, September 11, 2010

Felt Aid

After Christchurch's earthquake a week ago, New Zealand's creative crafty community is joining up in an effort to help those hit get back on track.
Luckily no lives were taken, pretty extraordinary given the magnitude (7.1) and the death tolls from recent big earthquakes in other countries. There was some structural damage to buildings, but then again, pretty minimal. This event has left people shaken though and the rebuilding and strengthening will still come to a cost.  A little help is better than nothing, right?
I donated a pillow cover to the FeltAid shop, let's hope it makes a difference. A lot of amazing crafters have donated goods, it's worth popping over to have a look. Why not shop with a conscience, it feels so much nicer! If you're keen to help, check out their blog Felt like helping out, where you can also make a donation.

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  1. Beautiful pillow! Always love a fantail.... x Jen