Saturday, March 6, 2010

Slice of life

Tahi has been obsessed with skateboarding since we went to the local skatecomp last december. Since that, we found some really cool videos of longboarders on youtube by Original skateboard . 

He loves watching them. The music is pretty cool and the footage looks good. He got given a finger board for his birthday and his has turned out to be the best present so far. I also found a cheap second hand kids' board on trademe, so he's all set to go!

I have been really busy sewing, 3 days to go and we're off to Womad . I'm looking forward to relaxing a bit, getting some rest and enjoying the good music.
In between that and minding Tahi, I've also found time to take care of the garden. Not much planting since there's not much free space left, but a lot of our crops are fruiting at the moment, so we're enjoying fresh tomatoes, courgette, cucumber, radish, rocket, lettuce leaves and basil. 

Oh, and we've picked 8 pumpkins from a plant that has been growing all summer. Biggest one is over 6kg!

Quignon is getting bigger every week, he is such a cool puppy, we all love him, especially Tahi who jsut won't leave him alone. I guess it's just a phase and he'll grow out of it...

Tahi had his first major injury a few days ago. He fell against our bed, chin first on a hard wooden edge. Ouch! It split his chin open pretty deep. We took him to emergency and they glued it back together. He didn't say a thing, stayed calm and patiently waited for the doctor to have finished. We were so impressed.

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