Sunday, March 28, 2010

how to tie yoga pants

One great thing about markets is customer feedback. One thing I hadn't thought of is that some people are not familiar with yoga/thai fisherman's pants hence had no idea how to wear it. It took me back to the first time I tried a pair on in Thailand and was faced with the same problem. How easily we forget or overlook those things.
The photo shoot was a great opportunity to take specific snapshots showing how to proceed:

Fold 1:
- Put the pants on, tie at the back.

- Pull the fabric at the waist forward.

- With one hand hold the seam and pull, while you fold the extra fabric inside, then overlap it (Like when you put on a wrap around skirt).

- Hold the fold with one hand while you grab the string with the other. Once you've got both pieces of string tie a knot at the front, then fold down the fabric above the string.

Fold 2:
Essentially the same, but you fold the fabric symmetrically on each side. I like this fold because each side looks the same, just like "normal" pants. It is a bit trickier at first. An easy way to o it is to pull the extra fabric forward, then place each index between your skin and the fabric closer to the centre, and the thumb outside further to the side. Your hands are a bit twisted. Pull back the fabric by giving you hand an outward circular motion (so your hand is untwisted).

Hold the fold with one hand and grab the ties with other.

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