Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post markets

Back home, we had a great time at Womad and Tahi did really well on the drive too. We stopped halfway at our friends' farm. They have 3 kids, 4 chooks, 5 dogs and lots of sheep and cattle, so there's always something going on. Tahi gets to play with lots of different toys and we get to catch up around a lovely dinner and a few glasses of wine (and bottles of beer for the gents).
Womad was a good festival, with great musicians from all over the world playing at the Brooklands park in  New Plymouth, right in the middle of town. Pretty cool. The place was buzzing with people of all ages, walking from one stage to another, having a nibble in the food area, browsing the Arts and Crafts stalls and having a great time. My two favorite bands were Babylon circus , an awesome french band (you should have seen how they got the crowds moving... and New Zealand crowds are hard to move!) and Nortec , a very cool mexican electro band.
Our stall was in a quieter area called the "sustainable area", where they had a stage called "Taste the world" (various artists performing a cooking show, great place to be!), Gyuto monks performing meditation, making a Mandala and cooking, and some stalls selling sustainable goods or charities like "Save the children". The whole thing was a bit out of the way, in the Kunming gardens, so it was a lot quieter and a lot of festival goers probably never even ventured there. Not so good when you're trying to sell goods, but great when you've got kids roaming around!
Business wise, I didn't sell as much as I was expecting, probably 1/4 of my stock, and since the first 2 days were cold and rainy, the yoga pants didn't do as well as at Splore. But I made enough to cover for our expenses and make a bit of extra. I also got lots of great feedback, so in all I think it was definitely worth it.

Waiting for me back home was a great little magazine called World Sweet World , in which my first tutorial was published: how to make a wallet with fused plastic. I was pretty excited to see it printed! Unfortunately, this was the last issue , but they are keeping the blog running, so I'm looking forward to suggesting more crafty ideas. Along with posting some here as well of course.

I have just finished a custom order: a cute mid season dress for a 3 year old lucky girl. I made 2 and am pretty happy with both!

On my bottomless list of to-do things, another couple of custom orders, reviewing my patterns, taking pictures of all the new stock to put it on Etsy and Felt, organizing a local craft market, making art for art's sake, looking after Tahi and of course making more stuff! I have just received some beautiful merino fabric and some organic fabrics too, which I'm looking forward to turning into some cute kids' clothes!


  1. ooooh merino fabric, here I come! Keep some for my kids my friend. Will be in touch soon for a custom order. Kia kaha, bisous

  2. Hi, I found you through world sweet world, so sad but such a good issue! love your stuff. I couldn't find your email on here to i thought I would ask you in a comment... I started this site last year: and would love to know if you would like to be a part of it! we'd love to have you and your blog! :-)