Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reconnecting with summer

Aaaahhh, summer, you are on our doorstep, please come in. The equinox winds have picked up again but the sun is definitely a tad warmer. We had our first (windy) day at the beach today, the kids were stoked and ran around, splashed in the water. Nice.
We bought a big tent from some friends and tried it out (on a windy week end, eeeek!), it's nice and roomy, with an opening in the middle (I can stand!) and two little alcoves on each side. I can picture us freedom camping this summer  up the coast, by the beach. Super nice.

A few weeks ago we spent the night on a farm where Josh has been doing some building work. Spring here means lots of baby animals everywhere. This farm was no exception and they had three cute orphan lambs hanging out in the back yard. Tahi and Miro had great fun playing with them and Tahi fed them their daily ration of milk very lovingly. Baby lambs are super cute and we were very tempted to take one home... maybe one day...

Milkface I
Milkface II

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