Monday, October 8, 2012

It's warm!

And I've been making stuff! Sewing of course (photos later), but also doing some DIY around the house: painting the chairs lime green (Josh hates it!) and some garden seats for the boys. They're not the prettiest but hey, they're flat and the boys fit into them!
I used whatever wood bits were lying around, roughly sawed them and nailed them together. 10mn each, done.

It was Earthquake day last Wednesday, so we made jelly to take to our playcentre. Did you ever notice how when you shake jelly it looks like an earthquake? We figured it would be a good way to show the kids what happens when the earth shakes. Tahi was delighted, most kids thought it was funny but just wanted to eat it really.

Josh took the boys to the beach the other day, it was sunny and warm and the boys had a ball. They even went into the water and met a cute little baby seal.

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