Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We're now well into spring, , there are flowers everywhere, the days are warmer and we haven't had a fire in a while... It's been really nice to be able to hang out in the garden, get the vege beds ready for spring planting and sow some seeds. Watching seeds sprout then grow into seedlings and later plants has been my favorite part of gardening. Whenever I think about it, I still find it amazing that a living entity can emerge from such a tiny thing. It definitely puts life into perspective.

When it comes to gardening, spring feels a bit like a waiting game. At the moment, half of the vege beds are composted, mulched and just waiting for some seedlings. The said seedlings are growing in seeds trays until they are strong enough to be put in the ground. And so I have come to the stage where I just have to be patient and wait. Wait until the time is right. Sometimes I find this wait excruciating. I just want the garden to be full of veges growing everywhere, and sometimes I just can't wait anymore and put some seedlings in too soon. Most of the time I loose half of them (to birds, snails, dog-crossing-the-vege-bed-although-he-knows-not-to, aliens?). I could try and stop whatever ruins my seedling from ruining them (I do use bird netting now and again, but I don't really like to kill too many things, and no nasty Round up type chemicals of course). Or I could just wait.
So spring for me is just a game of patience. And if I manage to refrain myself and just go at nature's pace, I seem to end up on the path of least resistance.

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