Monday, July 16, 2012

revamping the workshop

When we got back, I spent a week (or maybe a couple?) just settling back into the groove of things. It's amazing how long it takes me to feel ready to start creating. This is one of the reasons I never really got round to creating anything when I was working, because it takes so long for my  brain to adjust and switch to hobby mode, by the time I felt ready to go for it I was working on a new contract. Or more likely I was going from one contract to another with little or no days off. After I had Tahi it took me a year to figure out what I wanted to be doing, as a hobby. I love being a mum and caring for my kids, but I need an outlet, something just for me.
After 3 months away, I started seeing my workshop with new eyes. I looked messy and my mood had completely shifted from what I had put up on my wall when I first moved into the room. Yes, it was time for a revamp! (and here's if you're wondering what is used to look like)
New visuals on the wall. Great for artistic inspiration and stimulation
I even made a collage (bottom right) of colors and textures that inspire me at the moment. Yes, green is my color at the moment. Green and red .

Josh had lots of leftover wallpaper from his job (the advantages of being a production designer, you get first pick!), and I've used some here and there to liven up our old cheap (often free) furniture. I pasted some cool dark red wallpaper on this table, then put a few coats of varnish to make it look a bit like the tables they used to have in libraries, the ones with a leather covered table top... Now I'd like to sand the legs and other parts of it and either leave them with the vintage sanded look or repaint them another color.

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