Friday, July 20, 2012

Origami cranes

Have you ever made origami? When I was a kid, I used to spend hours folding squares of paper following instructions on our origami book until I ended up with a little paper figurine. Origami is a traditional japanese paper folding craft.  No glue or cuts, just folds. And yet, the number of paper sculptures you can obtain is pretty much unlimited. We even found a dinosaur origami book at the op shop.

One of the most popular origami is probably the crane (the bird). Recently I re-taught myself to make them. Since you need to start with a square piece of paper and most of our paper is a rectangle, you can also use the left over strip to make paper beads (if you want to find out how click here).
And then with a few origami cranes and some paper beads you can make a mobile, using a rolled up sheet of paper as a rod.

I made this one in Wellington and hung it under a light. The paper is from an old geography book but you can use any picture book you like, heck, you can use up your old yellow pages.

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