Friday, July 27, 2012

Inspired by: Sibella Court

I'd never heard of Sibella Court before I read about her third book, "Nomad" in a magazine. Luckily we have an awesome library (I will never say it enough) that is very onto it, so I was able to take it out (it was on the shelves! In Wellington the waiting time is a year for the same book!!!). Then I renewed my loan. I always thought interior design books rather boring.

I'd flick through them one, maybe take a few photos of some stuff I like, then take it back. But not this one. This one is on my wish list. Every time I'd flick through it, I'd notice a new detail, an object I hadn't noticed before. It's like walking into a big shop and discovering a new room every time you turn around. And I identify so much with her style and esthetic.

I've always loved incorporation queer and unique object from my travels, little finds that have meaning and value only for me (although a few of my valued treasures got pinched by some un-civilized tenants in my flat in Paris). Most of the time, I like object to have a use too, I disseminate pretty and useful things all around the house. So I made patchwork curtains, pillows for a pallet couch,... it's nice to think that everything that surrounds you has a history, is linked to you somehow.

Gipsy inspiration... *love*

Reading "Nomad", I got inspired with more crafty ideas, and just simply enjoyed traveling through the pictures. Sibella draws from her travels to five different countries to style as many interiors, with an extra interior designed around the theme "gypsy" (my favorite, could you guess?). She uses a ten color palette to guide her choices, the rest just follows. The only downside to this book is that it is very hard to read, the font and color don't stick well enough, and perhaps it should have been bigger, I simply gave up reading the text.

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