Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time away in real life

Two weeks without blogging!
We went away to our little community for a week, we had  a great time and Tahi was particularly pleased to be bottle feeding the spring lambs.

And then Josh and Tahi went off to Wellington, Josh had been hired as a photographer and took the computer with him...
It was a great few days though, I managed to clean the whole house (apart from Josh's "office"/ mess room), and it finally looked like a normal house (not like we'd just moved in). I write this in the past tense because the boys got back yesterday and the house is back where it was *sigh*

I did also get to spend some productive time in the garden, which is very satisfying and even get some sewing done. And I feel rested. Almost.
It's good to have all three boys around though!

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