Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My creative space

Mini undies! WIth Miro out of nappies I got busy last week making him baby underwear. Near impossible to find any undies his size in shops, whether second hand or new, and anyway it's much more fun if I make them myself of course.

The crotch has a double layer of fabric that goes quite a way up on the bum, which should help absorb just a little moisture when accidents happen (because they do). The waist holds without elastic and fits comfortably around Miro's waist. As you can tell by the photos, mummy's milk is doing wonders.

So I used the one and only pair I ever found to be a good size for a 6 month old and  drew a pattern out of it. Then I went through my stash of tee shirts and chopped, pinned and serged.

I'm happy with the result although too much blue to my taste but that's all I had left of my organic fair trade tee shirts (donated by KowTow a couple of years ago). I love the versatility of tee shirts, and they always look cool no matter what. So this is my first lot, I might eventually get round to making some more, maybe even list some in the shop, you never know!

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  1. Wow how cool are they! And how clever are you! Fab idea ... but please tell me .. how do i get my 2 year old out of nappies!! Help!!! xx