Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hearts collective

I'm on new webstore called Hearts Collective. It's similar to Etsy and our local one Felt, except that it focuses on eco friendliness as well.
I mainly operate from my Etsy shop, since for some reason I have never been successful with Felt and I find Etsy more user friendly. Listing an item on Etsy can be done in a matter of very few minutes nowadays, all in one page, which makes it so much easier and nicer.
Since I have been sloooowly putting out new creations I thought this might be the chance to give Hearts Collective a go and create a new shop there.
So far I have listed two items, there will be more coming soon, it's just a matter of (a lot of) time!
These two new items are made to order only, as I have very little of each fabric and would rather make them to a specific size rather than have them sitting in the shop. I am in love with both of them, I kept the pants pictured for Miro but the top was made for a friend's baby. I might have to make one for Miro as well, he just looks so gorgeous in it.

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