Sunday, February 7, 2010

Market prep

Only 10 days left before heading off to Splore , I'm in panic mode, running around like a headless chicken. It never feels like I've got enough stock and there are so many logistic matters to take care of (including looking after my 2 year old!). All of a sudden I wish it was xmas again and I had more time!
Luckily, the latest World Sweet World magazine has got a good article on how to be ready for craft markets and what I love best: a check list. This is only my second market, so a little help is more than welcome.
My range of kids' clothing has been selling quite slowly, I'm blaming it on my love of non-classic designs (maybe too different???) and the fact that people like to spend money on themselves... So I decided create a new range for adults and also get more into fused plastic accessories. Because I get so little time for myself to actually put that into practice, it' a very slow and painful process but I am seeing the fruit of my labour! Here's a sneak preview:

Patchwork style fisherman's pants (also called yoga pants), knee length. Those are great to make because you don't have to worry about sizes, one size fits most.

Fused plastic wallet and pencil case. I have also made a whole lot of box pouches, they're my favorite! 


  1. looking forward to seeing you feature in World Sweet World, Natacha! Liz W

  2. Well, you might be right on adults liking to spend on themselves (??haha) but defiantly not with thinking your kids clothes are maybe too unique! I just got back from a 3 day festival here, Earth Freq which was a really family friendly doof, and I am sure the people there would LOVE LOVE your style!!
    Your clothes are just gorgeous. Theres a shop here, gooble warming - they might even stock your range, and take it to the festival themselves!? Just a thought.
    Hope this went well :)