Friday, April 6, 2012

Lino cutting

When we go away I often end up bored... One thing Josh can't understand, I actually like being busy. But it has to be with what I enjoy doing, not just looking after the kids. So at home I spend hours in the workshop, usually sewing.
I can't do that when we go away for the simple reason that both my machines are stuck to a table and bloody heavy. And as anyone with their own space will know, it's hard going back to not having a proper "crafts" space. So I give up and turn to other crafts that are less invasive. This might be a good thing, because I can explore new mediums or get into old projects I never usually have the time for.
So far I've made some little booklets (forgot to take some pics, next post) and some lino cutting.
Lino cutting is fun. I've wanted to try it for ages but it's pretty hard to find all the necessary supplies in a small town like Gisborne. The great thing is that the whole family got into it and we made one lino cut each (I cut out the one for Tahi, the cutting tools can be lethal!). I love the look of a lino cut. We made some prints on some nice thick paper. Possible Christmas cards? Very possibly...


  1. Coolness Tarsh, there's a good on-line art supply place here if you need more:

  2. Flower, you're the best! Bookmarked.