Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My creative space

Been working on little bits and pieces, my head is so full of projects I have to restrain myself and not get too impatient. Among the not planned sewing, I made this bath towel last night for a friend's sister who just had a baby (at the age of 19, holy molly!). I copied the pattern from a bath towel my bro sent me when Miro was born ant that we have found great. You can velcro the towel around your neck, which means that when you pick your little bundle you can put him/her straight on your chest and wrap him/her inside the towel.
It was quite simple to make, took me about an hour, with the surrounding red tape taking up the majority of it. I used a bath towel we had in our cupboard that is still in good condition and has cute colorful cartoons on it.

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