Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We made "soap-cils"! That's right, pencils made of soap. They are very easy and cheap to make, and you (or your kids) can use them to draw in the bath or on paper (the bath being the most fun option).

Sausage anyone? Totally natural
Notice the fringe... someone thought it would be fun to chop some hair today.

All you need is soap flakes or a bar of soap and some food colouring. We couldn't find soap flakes, so we grated a bout a third of a bar of soap, added some liquid food colouring and mixed it all together, squeezing it very tight to make a sausage shape. Then we let it dry for an hour and Tahi tested them in the bath! (sorry for the very bad photos, it was night time outside and our bathroom light obviously isn't designed for taking photos.
What is he drawing?

A dinosaur of course!


  1. "Soap-cils" is the perfect name for them too. Great fun and easy-peasy on the clean up (self-cleaning, that's my kind of toy!) x

  2. Cool!, Love the fringe too lol

  3. Great way to clean kids and bathtub at the same time...!