Friday, April 29, 2011

A seamstress's nightmare

This is what I found the other day on some bit of clothing... Eeeeek! a clothes moth! (that's what their eggs look like)

And I also found a few too many holes in one of my favourite merino cardis... which is now waiting on the pile of clothes to be upcycled.
So I rushed to the sewing room (where I've had some lavender hanging for ages) and set to make some little lavender sachets. I had meant to make some ages ago but it just kept slipping down in my list of "to do" projects. Until a few days ago.

I grabbed a vintage linen tea towel lying around waiting to be used, chopped it into little rectangles (I folded it in half and kept cutting through the folds until I got a good sachet size, no waste!). I found plenty of tutorials on the net, including an assembly line type one here, a cute one with an applique here and a very neat one with painted sachets here. If you google it, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Because I was in a hurry, as I often am these days, I just had a quick look at the photos and started gorilla sewing (sewing without planning, very bad). They actually turned out great, I love the look of them. I ended up with quite a few, hopefully I won't need them all so a few of them will end up in my stash of last minute presents bag. if anything, next time I might take the time to include a little loop so I can hang them if need be...
Most of them actually ended up filled with dried mint, just because I have more of it available in the garden, and which apparently is a good moth repellent too.

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