Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time spent in the kitchen...

I have been pretty tired, and haven't stepped into my workshop for over 2 weeks now. I'm dying to get in there and get all my ideas out of my head before it explodes, but by the time I get to the evenings I can hardly drag myself to bed, so I'll leave the sewing to later on (I hope!). One thing I can do while Tahi is awake though, is spend time making stuff in the kitchen, which has been really nice. I made strawberry jam, rhubarb cordial, crackers, cookies, failed miserably at making mozzarella 3 times but succeeded at making a really nice halloumi a few days ago! I looooove halloumi. It's one of my favorite cheeses. Simply fried and added to a summery salad, mmmm... too bad I'm not really supposed to eat dairy. I had to try it though, and I'm happy to say it tasted just like the best halloumi on the shelves. It was easier to make than mozzarella too, and added bonus, I managed to make a decent amount of ricotta with the left over whey!
I found the recipe on a cool blog called Alessandra Zecchini (that's where I also found the recipe for making rhubarb cordial).
Without doubt the best halloumi you can buy in New Zealand!  Photo thanks to Cook Almost Anything, where you can find a good halloumi salad recipe as well!


  1. Ciao, thank you for mentioning my blog, super sweet of you! You know that the halloumi recipe is the most visited in my blog? I got about 1600 visits since june on that sole post!

    And not everyone is so gracious as to put my link in :-) so thank you so much and... I happy that you made the cheese and the cordial!




    wow, just noticed that you are a Kiwi! Not many NZ bloggers around! Please stay in touch! Love Gisborne!

  2. I made a rocket salad with strawberries and fried halloumi for a lunch with some friends the other day (all from the garden I'm proud to add), they couldn't believe I'd made the cheese myself! So thank you Alessandra for sharing your recipe!