Monday, December 20, 2010

Pre Christmas op shopping

Is not usually that great, but I did find some gems last week! First, one of our local op shops always has a sale the week before Xmas, one of those fill a bag for $5. So of course I had to fill one, and I found lots of little shelves (very useful in the workshop for putting away bobbins of thread). I also found this beautiful Pyrex dish (I'm in love with Pyrex). Not that we need one more right now, but at the rate at which things get broken in this house, I figured I might as well stock up when I find a good one (and take a photo before it gets broken!).

I also found a mouli, which I had been looking for for ages. There are some aluminum ones in another shop, but they don't look nearly as cool and I don't like my food to be in contact with aluminum anyway. If you don't know what a mouli is, I'll say just that, it makes the yummiest lightest mashed potatoes and is well worth investing in! Sometimes op shopping reminds me of treasure hunting, all that excitement of finding an object you'd been looking for, the need to grab it fast before anyone else casts an eye on it and the exhilaration of putting it safely into your shopping bag. The thrill, the thrill!

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