Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little puppy

I was walking to a friend's house yesterday, and found this cute little puppy wandering in the street. I asked around the neighborhood, no one knew who he belonged to, and some people had even found a second one. I thought they must have escaped but josh just reckons someone dumped them. It's quite cruel, but it seems to happen a lot around here. People have dogs that are not neutered and wander in the streets all day. There are only so many puppies you can give away, especially when they are not purebred. Here, by law you have to register any dog you own, and nowadays they get microchipped too. Add on top of that vet and food costs... so people just do the easy thing and dump them somewhere.
I took it home. It spent the night in the house, sleeping on our sheepskin. I found little pees and one poo this morning, and he was up early (6am!) ready to play. That woke Tahi up (he's not usually up that early) so we've been up since that. Unfortunately, we can't afford to have a dog, so I'm taking this little cutie to the SPCA today.