Friday, November 9, 2012

Of sheep and shearers

Josh helped a friend design a set for a local play and as a thank you gesture they gave us some tickets.
I haven't been to a play since I can't remember when. And I've never been to one in Gisborne.
The set. Truer than true shearing shed.
So what was it like? Well it was better than I expected really. Obviously the actors are not professionals but they were overall very good. The play was enjoyable and a real touch of kiwiana, which I wasn't expecting. Called "The Learner's Stand", it's the story of a B grade shearing gang composed of a law student, an old timer and a transsexual (what is it with New Zealand plays and transexuals?).
Very far from my european play experiences... a good laugh. I love how New Zealand has this way of doing things differently.

I took some photos for the said friend, but our camera was a bit too noisy so I was asked to stop half way through. I still got a few good photos, it was a fun experience (and nice to get out without the kids!).

The play had this "Animal Farm" element to it, embodied in two sheep that popped up every now and again and made some revolutionary comments about taking over. 
That's a sheep in the foreground.
Who would have guessed Gisborne had so much talent?

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