Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spring crafts

Every now and then I sneak into the workshop and get some sewing done. Mainly for my shop, but every now and again I feel like doing something for us. Miro has pretty much destroyed the banner that was hanging in the hallway (paper+kids=disaster waiting to happen), so I decided it was time for a small revamp.
I saw some cute fabric patchwork clouds on Etsy and pinned them.
Source: via Natacha on Pinterest

Bits of fabric is what I am not lacking, so it was pretty easy to put together some fabric. Tahi even gave a helping hand stuffing the clouds.

I also made a 3/4 sleeve shirt for Miro from one of Josh's old tee shirts.

For a while I've wanted to try making a lamp shade in the style of the doily lamp shades.

Since I have no doilies and none of that special glue you need, I thought I'd try it with pattern paper. It turned out as I expected, the various bits of paper overlapping look great. The shades do look a funny old kind of faded yellow, not the prettiest, but when they are lit they are pretty and they add warmth to the room (I've put them in the bathroom).

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