Monday, August 27, 2012

Kids update

Well, I might as well huh? Some of you might not be so interested in the house, but maybe you want to know what our little monkeys are up to...

Well, tahi's into making things, he makes all sorts of crazy things. Lego of course, but paper and tape as well (lots of tape) mainly for making airplanes. He also loves using these cool little pastil shapes my mum sent him.

Alright, I know I might not be very objective, but hey, isn't he amazing? I mean look at that plane/ rocket/ space ship thingy. It's quite complex and notice the symmetry in shapes and colors... When we go to playcentre at the moment he likes to make stuff. So we sit at the craft table, and I ask him what he wants to make. Then I suggest a way to do it. He says "no, not like that" and tries to explain how he wants to make whatever he has in mind. This is where I've got to remind myself not to be too bossy and actually let him do it his way. Because you see, most of the time I'll think to myself "his way will never work, I'm going to show him how it should be made". But this boy is stubborn. I finally give in, follow his instructions, and once I see the result feel like a complete dick. He actually is way better than me at conceptualizing ideas and working out a way to make them.
He has this thing at the moment of asking us to make him a paper plane. We diligently spend a minute or two doing all the proper folds (I only know one way of making them, I know, lame). Then he grabs a pair of scissors and starts cutting it all up. Then he gets the tape (he loves tape) and tapes it back together but differently. Then he flies it. And you know what? It flies better than the original one (Even though it seems it would fall under the weight of all the tape straight away). Yep I know, amazing.

Miro is right into motion and wanting to ride a bike, a scooted, anything Tahi's riding. It can get frustrating at times, but he is very stubborn (as well, joy) and bold.
Josh gave me a bundle of his old tee shirts a while ago, I made a long sleeve shirt out of one of them for Miro. Groovy.
The (french) pout
Both of them get on like brothers. Sometimes great, sometimes not. Most of the time is feels they do get on like a ball on fire though, and I love watching them play.
Tahi wanted me to take a photo of the two of them, Miro wasn't so keen.
Then Tahi tried to talk him into staying next to him for the photo. Ha ha.

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  1. a photo feast :) :)
    you can be as un-objective as you like, Natacha; I agree, they're amazing!