Friday, March 23, 2012

kids craft

Tahi and I have been crafting at home, using old magazine covers and pages. I found a cool origami book at the library, and we made this cool crocodile out of it. I've tried quite a few kids activities type books now, and made a variety of stuff with Tahi including robots, planes, kites... and this book was one of the best in the sense that the project actually worked, looked good and was fun to make, easy for a 4 year old to follow and not too lengthy or complicated to make. We also tried other projects from the same book and they all came out great.

And the most exciting for me was that I finally got round to making our own glue. It worked a treat and I'm never buying any glue again (mark my words).

I really like to liven up our living space with flowers, and Josh's mum's garden has got so many beautiful colors I couldn't resist bringing some inside...

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